A female scientist in a laboratory looks through a microscope.A female scientist in a laboratory looks through a microscope.

Developing Molecular Tools for Cancer Detection & Therapy

Wren Laboratories offers unique non-invasive diagnostic testing solutions.

NETest a state-of-the-art test for Neuroendocrine tumor patients.

An exciting pipeline of liquid biopsy tests for a number of cancers.

A cutting-edge FDA EUA authorized saliva-based PCR Covid-19 Test with self collection kit.

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Assess disease status. None, stable, progressive.
Monitor treatment. Responding, disease progression.
When to image. Determine time of imaging (anatomical or functional).
A scientist performing molecular testing.A scientist performing molecular testing.
WrenLaboratories is the only U.S. lab to have developed a liquid biopsy for the diagnosis and management of neuroendocrine tumors.

NETest® A Non-Invasive, Test for Neuroendocrine
Tumor Patients

The NETest is an in vitro MultiAnalyte with Algorithm Analyses (MAAA) test service, performed in certified clinical laboratories, that assesses targeted gene expression profile of RNA isolated from peripheral blood. NETesting is intended to aid in the identification of active disease and therefore provide an assessment of treatment responses in neuroendocrine tumor patients at the time of testing in conjunction with standard clinical assessment. Indicated for use in patients: 18 years of age or older.
* Disease activity is defined as the calculated risk of highly active disease as measured by an algorithm based on gene expression data. NETest results should be used in conjunction with standard clinical assessment.

Key Benefits of Our Test Are:

NETest is the only non-invasive blood test that helps physicians identify the disease activity* of a NET.
Provides Healthcare Providers with quantifiable, objective, and reproducible test results.
Offers convenience as it only requires a routine blood draw.
We have studied thousands of bloods which have been used in the care of more than 2,000 patients at multiple different medical centers world-wide.

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Biomedical engineers conduct medical experiments in the laboratory.
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“The NETest is an accurate biomarker suitable for clinical use in NET disease management... New days bring new scientific advances and we need to be receptive...”
Uppsala, Sweden
A laboratory technician, dressed in personal protective equipment, in the process of pipetting samples.A laboratory technician, dressed in personal protective equipment, in the process of pipetting samples.

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